An Experiment

November 10, 2013

As you can see, I’ve finally pulled the trigger on my newest online venture:, or for short. It’s a blog, styled similarly to past iterations, graciously based on a theme built by photographer Duncan Davidson. Only this time, the blog is hosted on Tumblr (which I’ve some experience with in the past) and established as a separate entity from

Why the switch? I took my inspiration from Duncan:

“But I’ve noticed that I miss the rapid fire short-to-medium-length text and link blogging I used to do. So, this is a place for me to do that in a way that leaves me free to bend my eponymous website in different ways.”

This experiment of mine will house more general musings, links, quotes, and bits of inspiration that come to me as I explore the Internet and technology world. I was never able to consolidate this form of blogging alongside my current website; most of the content over there comes in the form of large photos and longer essays. This blog will consist of—to use a phrase that I  did not come up with—”rapid-fire” blogging on a variety of topics.

What will happen to my current website? I soon hope to transform it into a more static portfolio-like website, where it will serve as my “home” on the Internet. In the meantime, subscribe via RSS or your preferred means and stay tuned!