Cheat Day Strategies For A Hedonist

November 28, 2013

Can you avoid fat gain during cheat days and holiday feasts like Thanksgiving and Christmas? Sure, you can. But if you’re a big eater that loves food, like me, it’s more a question of minimizing fat storage than attempting to avoid it. And trust me, there’s a few nifty strategies that can be used for damage control while still enjoying holiday hedonism, cheesecake mastery and spontaneous feasts of all sorts.

The key to damage control during ad libitum (“at one’s pleasure”) eating sprees lies not only in how much you eat but also with the choice of macronutrients. Food combination voodoo? No, just pure facts based on nutrient metabolism and science.

Happy Thanksgiving, aka Shameless Feast Day! While I certainly won’t be overthinking it, this article from Martin Berkhan (of Leangains fame) details some sciency strategies to avoid gaining 10 lbs in one meal and still enjoying it.