App Santa

December 22, 2013

A collaboration between 10 of the best developers in the iOS app realm, App Santa offers up to 60% off of some of the best paid apps you can get for your iPhone or iPad. Conveniently, many of these apps were also included on Apple’s own Best of 2013 list. I already own most of them.

A few that I highly recommend snatching up:

  • 1Password is a must-have password manager that works across all your devices.
  • Tweetbot is the indisputable best Twitter app out there and is a must-buy for iPhone users. There are no excuses not to thanks to its reduced price here.
  • Perfect Weather is a highly-regarded weather app, though not my first pick.
  • Launch Center Pro is a little geeky, but I’ve made good use of its shortcuts.
  • I don’t use it, but Day One is widely considered to be the best journaling app you can find.

There’s plenty more on the list, so go check out App Santa. I wish these discounts had been around when I first purchased these apps.