David Hobby's Fuji Follow-Up

December 7, 2013

David Hobby, the “Strobist,” is probably the Internet’s go-to resource for all things lighting-related. His recommendation helped seal the deal regarding the purchase of my beloved Fuji X100S, and the more articles like this one that I see, the more convinced I am that I am going to move away from mirrored DSLRs to the Fuji X system.

In this brief article, he breaks down the pros and cons of each camera in the system. Once again, I’m happy to have the X100S in my collection now, and I echo his sentiments: I take this camera everywhere and use it  so much more than my Nikon system. By his recommendation, it looks like the X-E1 will be my next purchase, if only for the price-to-performance ratio, which is especially important to me given my less-than-stellar financial situation.