Smart Watches and Computers On Your Face

December 30, 2013

But why do we need “smart” watches or face-mounted computers like Google Glass? They have radically different hardware and software needs than smartphones, yet they don’t offer much more utility. They’re also always with you, but not significantly more than smartphones. They come with major costs in fashion and creepiness. They’re yet more devices that need to be bought, learned, maintained, and charged every night.

Marco Arment is right on target here. I may often joke about being an Apple fanboy, but in reality, I don’t agree with everything they do. When I first heard the rumors of the “iWatch,” I shuddered. The concept is way too gimmicky. Tacky, even. I have the same thoughts regarding Google Glass.

Between a MacBook Pro, an iPad Mini, and an iPhone 5S, my device needs have been fulfilled. No need to add another. Let’s focus on making what we have even better.