The Sweet Setup announced the best photo editing app for the iPhone

December 24, 2013

In an excellent (and lengthy) pseudo-review, Nick Heer over at The Sweet Setup announced VSCO Cam as the best photo editing app for the iPhone. The runner ups, which I predicted in a tweet, include Afterlight and Snapseed.

As a photographer myself, I have to agree with The Sweet Setup’s decisions—mostly. My main quibble with some of the choices, VSCO Cam primarily, is that they are undoubtedly most popular by  trend. I’m certainly not making friends with the guys at VSCO by repeatedly saying this. Arguably, Instagram started the film-simulation trend with its filters; Visual Supply Co managed to solidify and popularize it with its Film packs and Camera apps. VSCO Cam is the best photo editing app by far, but only if you’re trying to achieve the  VSCO look, which is incredibly popular these days. It probably won’t be forever