White Tees and Blue Jeans: The Concept

December 9, 2013

I recently posted a new series of photos to my website titled White Tees and Blue Jeans. I’ve spoken before about this project on social media and on previous iterations of my blog, but I suppose I should clarify the concept here as well.

The idea behind the shoot is to take non-models (they’re models in front of the camera, but they probably aren’t trained professionals) and strip them of the glamour often involved in photo shoots. That is: minimal, neutral makeup, hair is down, and the standard uniform is a plain white tee shirt and blue jeans of the woman’s choice.

With this formula, the focus is entirely on the woman—her facial expressions, her own poses, and her personality. We put on music of her choice and let her have fun in front of the camera for ten or fifteen minutes. There’s no flash, just ambient light, and nothing but a white wall behind them.

It’s pretty simple, and I know I’m not the only photographer to do a series like this. But it’s versatile, and lets both the photographer and the model create art with very few expectations.

If you missed it, the first series is up on my website. The model was my girlfriend Kris, the shirt was mine, and it was shot in the corner of her bedroom. Check it out!