Are You Sacrificing Your Health?

October 31, 2014

The fact is, in most of these circumstances, most of us have a choice. It may not be the most attractive choice, the easiest choice, the most socially acceptable choice, but it’s an option when we’re designing our daily life and the larger shifts that influence it. If we truly value our health, I’d brazenly propose that our health actually be a concrete consideration for our decision making.

A truly fantastic article from Mark Sisson, one of the best “paleo” bloggers you’ll find.

This post really speaks to me. It revolves around a subject that I’ve been personally dealing with lately: prioritizing my own health when time, commitments, and stress make it difficult to. It’s tough. Tougher than it seems, and tougher than it should be. I wholeheartedly agree that our personal health ought to be the number one consideration when making decisions—after all, in the end, it’s us, and it’s all we have. So why is it so difficult?