Shure SE215-CL in-ear headphones

October 13, 2014

For longer than I can remember, I’ve been a loyal user of the Apple’s EarPods, which were infinitely better than the company’s previous generation of earbuds, but were also by all means nothing extraordinary. There was adequate levels of sonic bliss.

However, after doing some research (not nearly as much as I would normally do, for the record) I decided to bite the bullet and purchase something better. I settled on the Shure SE215-CL sound isolating earphones. This decision was based on price, looks, user reviews, and having detachable and replaceable cables.

They arrived today. I’ll be honest: I might send them back.

This guy’s hilarious review is on point:

Yes, the design is initially awkward. Yes, there was a moment when I felt like a lab-monkey, given triangle pegs to put in round holes. Yes, I initiated a contest in my family for who could figure it out the quickest. The current record is 2.75 minutes and one person still can’t figure it out; it goes to show there’s variation as far as personal adjustment to the design. I was right at 4 minutes the first time I put them in.

Really, you all should’ve seen me attempt to get these into and around my ear as recommended by the step-by-step instructions and pictures included in the packaging. I felt like a child and was thisclose to calling up Kristin and asking her to come help me. Now that I have them in my ears, I’m afraid to take them back out for fear of never getting them back in again.

Yes, that’s my biggest complaint, but for a pair of headphones, getting the things into and out of your ear securely should not be so difficult, especially considering that they really to have to be securely in place for sonic bliss to actually take place.

And it does. Oh boy, do these things sound good.

I have a little while to return them, thanks to Amazon and a warranty I bought (cause I’m notorious for breaking nice things.) We’ll see how they fare over the coming couple of weeks. In the meantime, feel free to let me know your suggestions on high quality (yet budget friendly) in-ear noise-cancelling headphones on Twitter or via email.

UPDATE: I took them out and put them back in pretty easily. Furthermore, these thing are @#$%ing sonic heaven. I swear I’m hearing things I’ve never heard before.