Yosemite Wait-and-See

October 20, 2014

Joe Steel:

I’d rather read the reviews about Yosemite than install it. Particularly when I see that iCloud Drive deleted Nate Boateng’s entire photo library, and broke everything. Yosemite? More like YOLOsemite, amirite?!

I already tweeted about this, but I figured I ought to restate it on the blog as well: Yosemite kicked my mid-2010 MacBook Pro’s ass. Understand that this is a computer that becomes so unusably bogged down when I open Lightroom; I’ve put it through many years of hard work, and it probably deserves to be retired the moment I can afford it. That being said, if your computer experiences any sketchiness already on Mavericks (or earlier) then I would recommend holding off on the Yosemite upgrade for a bit.