37signals is now all Basecamp

February 5, 2014

For their 15th birthday, 37signals, the company behind the hugely popular project management tool Basecamp and the blog Signal vs. Noise (a personal favorite of mine,) is tossing everything aside and focusing completely on Basecamp. They made two announcements today on their website:

Here’s the first: Moving forward, we will be a one product company. That product will be Basecamp. Our entire company will rally around Basecamp. With our whole team - from design to development to customer service to ops - focused on one thing, Basecamp will continue to get better in every direction and on every dimension.


So here’s the second big announcement: We’re changing our name. 37signals is now Basecamp. “37signals” goes into the history books. From now on, we are Basecamp. Basecamp the company, Basecamp the product. We’re one and the same.

A bold change, but certainly exciting for both the company and users of the product. I’m not overly attached to either, though I hope nothing happens to their blog (it doesn’t seem like it’s going anywhere.)