The Sad, Beautiful Fact That We're All Going To Miss Almost Everything

February 16, 2014

If “well-read” means “not missing anything,” then nobody has a chance. If “well-read” means “making a genuine effort to explore thoughtfully,” then yes, we can all be well-read. But what we’ve seen is always going to be a very small cup dipped out of a very big ocean, and turning your back on the ocean to stare into the cup can’t change that.

Yikes. I know I’m a special case with this stuff; the breadth of my interests is ever-growing and it often feels impossible to cull it all down into the “most important” stuff. I’m just too obsessed with staying on top of everything.

In the end, I know that what’s said in this article is completely correct. I just try not to think about it and continue fighting the impossible fight.