The Fat Lady Is Still Singing

February 2, 2014

I am so glad to see an article like this coming from a publication as prestigious as the New Yorker. I saw it floating around social media and thought to myself, why share it? Obviously everyone has made it viral already. But now I think not, because most of my social media friends are classical musicians themselves (I was a music major in undergrad, don’t forget.) The rest of you need to see this.

It’s sad to see modern media panning classical music the way it has been; as with any art form, it’s a medium which we have poured vast amounts of our time and energy into. It’s no debate that, these days, classical music is a niche market, but those of us in that niche are so very passionate about it. There’s a reason we classical musicians share something like this with all of our friends so feverishly:

Talk to anyone who performs, composes, promotes, or organizes anything in this field and the blaze is palpable. It is not a profession for the apathetic.

I am unlikely to make a career in classical music, certainly not performing it. But it’s still something that will always be a significant part of my life, and I would hate to see it “die.”  That being said, I don’t see that happening anytime soon—call me an optimist.