Apple’s stuff continues to just work

March 4, 2014

I was reminded of this old catchphrase recently. A coworker was, for whatever reason, forced to replace his iPhone, and went with an Android phone (I don’t remember the model. I can’t tell them apart.) He gave up on it within a day, sold it, and bought a 5s.

His reasoning: “I couldn’t stand it. Nothing worked properly. Apple’s stuff  just works.”

It’s important to keep in mind that not everyone is a geeky techie Apple nerd like I am. A lot of people use their gadgets for much simpler tasks, and that’s okay; they don’t have the same complaints about little things like I do, and are ultimately much more satisfied with the device’s simplicity and user interface.

I found this article via Patrick Rhone’s blog Minimal Mac, where he says:

…almost everyone has told me it was the thing that made the transition to Mac the easiest. That they never cease being amazed by the “magic” of things just working.

I think those of us who have long used Macs forget how special that is.