The metrosexual is dead. Long live the 'spornosexual'

June 14, 2014

Mark Simpson, who originally coined the term ‘metrosexual’, now has a term for the next generation of pretty boys:

Eagerly self-objectifying, second generation metrosexuality is totally tarty. Their own bodies (more than clobber and product) have become the ultimate accessories, fashioning them at the gym into a hot commodity – one that they share and compare in an online marketplace.

This new wave puts the “sexual” into metrosexuality. In fact, a new term is needed to describe them, these pumped-up offspring of those Ronaldo and Beckham lunch-box ads, where sport got into bed with porn while Mr Armani took pictures.

Let’s call them “spornosexuals”.

It’s an interesting concept, but I’m never using that word.