Head Down

August 12, 2014

Read all of Gabe’s post, as he addresses some really interesting points regarding time management, multitasking, and how much stress in our lives we are willing to take on. However, the section that really piqued my interested:

The enjoyable, and perhaps most productive, part of a hard problem is the time I spend thinking about it while I’m not actually working on it. I can pretend that the world has my undivided attention at any given moment, but my reality (and I hope my secret) is that my attention is always divided.

I don’t think he’s alone here. For most of each day, I am mentally working on multiple tasks at the same time; there’s never enough time or energy to sit down and crank out what needs to be done for all of our responsibilities all of the time, and so we find time to delegate our background thoughts to these bigger projects.

To me, this is a key definer of true passion for a project: how much of my mind does it occupy, even when it doesn’t necessarily have to at this very moment? If it’s a lot, then perhaps we ought to listen to what our minds are more truly interested in.