On Swearing Off Services

August 10, 2014

The other day, I tweeted:

Life’s too short to rage-quit companies over the perceived morality of their actions.

I still believe that. In a capitalist society full of companies run by human beings, I think its safe to believe that we will  never exist in an ecosystem where all of the top competitors in a market always behave nicely. It just won’t happen.

Marco states my thoughts on this a bit better in a blog post titled I’ll Never Fly Amazon Again:

If you swear off an airline every time you have a poor experience, you’ll be out of airlines in five years.

And also:

That’s why I use Google search and Maps despite not liking Google much, why I still use Instagram and haven’t deleted my Facebook account despite not liking Facebook, why I still use Twitter heavily despite their many dick moves, and why I even recently bought a Samsung SSD because the alternatives weren’t competitive.

Simply put, to me, swearing off a company or service because of its leaders’ ethics, morals, or business actions isn’t really going to do anything in the long run besides make you feel like a better person. I choose a service based on its benefits and advantages, and if there are no “better-behaving” alternatives, I’ll stick with the ethically questionable one—because why not?