The Best Wireless Carrier

August 29, 2014

The Wirecutter, in a bold move, declares Verizon as the best wireless carrier—a decision that I agree with, but how realistic is it to declare something like a cell-phone carrier as “the best”?

Also: Marco’s thoughts on The Wirecutter’s methodology:

That’s the problem with The Wirecutter’s approach: “This is the best one.” There is no single “best” headphone for around $300, just as there’s no single “best” of almost anything. In practice, it’s more complicated than that for almost every product category unless it’s defined more narrowly and consistently than the bounds they usually set.

(Something else I thought about: why the heck are they even covering something like this? They’re not getting any affiliate revenue off of this, so it seems, again, like a bit of a bold move on their part.)