"I wouldn't go to this game if I lived in the locker room"

August 29, 2014

Tomorrow at midday will start the kickoff of what Michigan fans are calling The Horror II: their rematch against Appalachian State, who notoriously whooped Michigan’s ass in 2007. The Horror has gone down as one of the biggest upsets in college football history. Ben Mathis-Lilley, writing for Slate:

You’d think that Michigan would want to eradicate every reminder that this game ever happened. Instead, at noon this Saturday on ESPN2, the Wolverines will give the world an occasion to remember that day of epic shame.

The real point:

There is little upside here for Michigan. If they win, all they’ve done is beat an overmatched opponent (the Wolverines are 35-point favorites). And if they lose, they should just shut the whole program down.

I am of course writing about this because I did my undergrad at App State (heck, I still live there,) and am looking forward to whatever shenanigans my fellow fans come up with to celebrate our return to Michigan.

Do I expect us to win? Absolutely not. We are not the team we were in 2007—we had Armanti Edwards back then.

Still, it’ll be fun to watch. If you aren’t familiar with The Horror, there’s plenty of videos on YouTube.