Mitigating blue light at night

September 7, 2014

Until there’s a f.lux extension for the iPhone, you’re probably better off just putting the phone away one or two hours before you plan on sleeping to optimize melatonin production. However, a Mayo Clinic study has concluded that there are ways to mitigate the effect of blue light while winding down at night:

They discovered that when brightness settings were lowered and the devices were held just over a foot from a user’s face, it reduced the risk that the light would be bright enough to suppress melatonin secretion and disrupt sleep.

The conclusion: use the lowest brightness setting possible and hold the phone at least 14 inches from your face. This ought to minimize melatonin interference—according to the study. I still stand by putting the electronics away at least an hour ahead of time.

(You guys are sleeping in a pitch black room, right? Blackout curtains and all. At our apartment, we even cover the smoke detector.)