The new maximalist running shoe trend

February 27, 2015

The process of reading this article, which details many runners’ obsession with these new moon-man maximalist shoes, was one huge eye-roll for me, especially because it’s coming out of the New York Times and everyone will take it for the gospel. Years of research and two books in particular—Born to Run and Ready to Run—have me convinced otherwise: huge, cushioned shoes are mostly a marketing scheme, and should ultimately be viewed as a tool, not a solution. Indeed, perhaps the problem is not the shoe, but the runner?

My eye-roll was averted by the final paragraph of the story, a quote from Jay Dicharry, author of Anatomy for Runners:

“Of course what’s on your feet is important,” Dicharry said. “But there is a lot of evidence to show that people who spend more time improving their bodies as opposed to shopping for shoes are the ones who are going to run better.”