What, exactly, is the Dietary Guidelines for Americans Committee's case against saturated fat?

March 16, 2015

There’s news going around that the 2015 Dietary Guidelines for Americans will no longer set upper limits on fat calories or dietary cholesterol intake. This is great news, because these metrics have long been known to not correlate to heart disease risk factors like we once thought.

The question still remains: why does the update not exonerate saturated fat? Meta-analysis upon meta-analysis have repeatedly confirmed that the correlation is weak, if not nonexistent. The linked article looks at the evidence put forth by the DGA committee and finds that “most of the document is dreadfully written and repetitively displays a circular logic.”

Also, anecdote is anecdote, but still:

Where are the blogs where people rave about how replacing butter with margarine has fixed their health problems? Millions of people take statins - where are the stories from statin users about the improvements to their lives? You will find more negative stories from statin users online. You might find stories of improved cholesterol, but where is the increased vitality and reversal of obesity and type 2 diabetes? Oh, wait.