Ben Brooks goes JPG only

April 27, 2015

I’ve long believed that Fuji processes images better than anyone else, and shot RAW + JPG from day one when my X100S arrived. RAW photography has its place when changes need to be made or money is on the line. For the rest, if your camera produces better-than-good-enough images by itself, let it be.

Just about every reason Ben presents for going JPG-only is a reason echoed throughout the Fuji community:

  1. Classic Chrome: this is Fujifilm’s latest film simulation mode and most of the time the colors are stunning. I shoot 90% of my shots with it.
  2. Velvia: again, another film simulation that has been replicated in many filter packs, and never as perfectly as on Fujifilm cameras.
  3. Accurate Previews: I used to spend my time editing the photos to find the colors that represented either what I am seeing, or want to see in the image. Now I can flick through the film simulations quickly and find the one that matches my minds eye. Shooting in black in white is phenomenal too, I can see through the viewfinder in black and white and therefore see exactly how my final shoot will look.
  4. Noise control: way better processing on the Fuji than I could ever get in Lightroom. Now I don’t see noise.

Plus, foregoing RAW reduces the desire to edit for the sake of editing. I myself have often deemed a Fuji JPG better than anything I’ve been able to whip up in Lightroom, yet still published the RAW shot because I was convinced that my “creative vision” was superior to the camera’s computer. I’ve since learned better.

It’s certainly worth mentioning that Fuji is the only system that’s ever been able to make me give up RAW photography. (I’ve used Nikon, Canon, and Panasonic in past lives.) I’m sure other companies do just fine, but like I said, Fujifilm has always processed images better. Its long film-based experience shines.