Dr. Kirk Parsley's TED Talk on America's biggest problem

May 31, 2015

Sleep literally affects EVERY aspect of your physiology, psychology, or any other “-ology” out there. Memories are formed, consolidated, trimmed, examined, and reinforced. Tissues repair, regenerate, and grow. Immune function is increased. Diseases are fought. Waste is removed. Neurotransmitters, cellular signals, nutritional elements, and hormones are balanced. . . all while you sleep.

It’s just over 17 minutes long and a little dramatic, but you can’t deny he’s got a point. It’s worth a watch. Spoiler alert: it’s about sleep deprivation.

(I was particularly fond of one analogy he used: your body is the same on six hours of sleep as it would be if you took a shot of whiskey every two hours. Literally. That’s kind of crazy.)