About me

My name is Conor McClure. I live in Boone, North Carolina, and am currently pursuing a Doctor of Physical Therapy degree. I’m 23.

This site has gone through many iterations, and its subject matter is difficult to pin down. My interests, and therefore what I tend to write about, include technology, Apple, photography, gear, and gadgets on the creative side, but also health, fitness, biology, music, movement, intelligence, biohacking, creativity, and self-actualization. I consider myself a polymath. This site is less of a subject-centric standalone website and more of an outlet for my myriad interests and inspirations.


The site is generated by Jekyll and hosted on Amazon S3. The design is my own; type is set in Lato and served via Google Fonts.

Publishing tools include a dog-slow mid-2011 13-inch MacBook Pro. (I live off of my beloved silver 64GB iPhone 6+, but it is not used in publishing this site.) Apps involved in the publishing process include Path Finder, iTerm 2, Sublime Text, and nvAlt.

Photographs, where present, are likely made on a silver Fujifilm X100S, one of the greatest cameras ever made. Editing and cataloging is done in Adobe Lightroom.

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